Echoes From R’lyeh is a fanzine dedicated to extreme music, literature, and art inspired by the classic pulp tale.

Ever since the release of the first Black Sabath album, H.P. Lovecraft has influenced the work of countless Metal artists. Musicians in that genre are naturally drawn to those things, those ideas, that are dark, unsettling, or uncontrollable, so it is therefore no coincidence that the works of writers such as Poe, Burroughs, Howard, Hodgson, Dunsany, and of course, Lovecraft. should inspire their musical endeavors.

Fans of such music, are a rather intellectual bunch. This magazine strives to appeal to their their aesthetic taste in all forms of expression, be it music, literature, or visual art.

Beginning in June 2013, Echoes From R’lyeh will be published in a hard copy format once every three months, offering interviews and profiles with musicians, artists, and authors who continue the pulp tradition.


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