Donate to “Lovecraft eZine” and get awesome deals on Lovecraftian books! “I Am Providence” by S.T. Joshi, and many more!

Lovecraft eZine is an online magazine dedicated to publishing quality Lovecraftian fiction — fiction that is every bit as good as print Lovecraftian anthologies, for free. It has published original fiction by some of the biggest names in contemporary Weird Fiction, including Jeffrey Thomas (creator of “Punktown”), Joseph Pulver (author of “A Season In Carcosa”), Scottish pulp author William Meikle, Peter Rawlik (author of “Reanimators”), and W.H. Pugmire (creator of the Lovecraftian Pacific Northwest setting “the Sesqua Valley”), as well as essays by Crypt of Cthulhu editor Robert M. Price and literary critic S.T. Joshi (author of the definitive Lovecraft biography “I Am Providence”).

As one can imagine, making such content available for free is a challenge. Readers can financially support this endeavor by taking advantage of this limited-time offer to acquire a lot of great reading material at a fraction of its list price.


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