TOND Working on Physical Release for “Key to the Watery Gates”

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Tond are a Virgina two-piece band who play Symphonic/Folk Black Metal inspired by epic tales, especially those written by Lovecraft and Howard. Their debut,”Key To The Watery Gates,” was initially released digitally via their Bandcamp Page, and work is underway for a physical release to be made available.

“Key to the Watery Gates” revolves around a man who, discontent with his life, joined the crew of a ship, which was destroyed in a tumultuous storm. Drifting in a state of limbo, neither dead nor alive, he eventually encountered a beautiful city in the ocean’s depths. After being lured in by its splendor, he was startled when the gates closed behind him, and the setting around him melted into an underwater hell. Discontent with the watery prison, he sought and ultimately consummated a physical confrontation with Satan himself. The tide of the epic battle ebbed and flowed but ultimately Satan was defeated and the protagonist took the key from Satan’s cold grip, opened the Watery Gates, and stepped into the “Great Beyond.”

Though no specific reference to Lovecraft is contained herein, the inspiration was definitely present for the band during the writing process:

We came up with the general layout of the storyline rather quickly while looking at a list of Cthulhu inspired titles; Key to the Watery Gates just stuck out. We loved the ominous and grand feelings it conveyed…There was no single story or author that served as inspiration, though we are both particularly interested in the powerful fiction of Robert E. Howard’s character Conan the Cimmerian and H.P. Lovecraft’s dark, foreboding imageries and macabre worlds. Lovecraft’s haunting description of R’lyeh in “The Call of Cthulhu” was particularly influential, as was Howard’s tales of heroic conquest, which lent energy to Watery Gate’s overall man-versus-Satan theme.

In addition to the aforementioned physical version of their debut, the band have other work in progress as well:

Currently, we are working to re-master the first online release and produce physical copies. Then we will be moving forward with the next album. Howard and Lovecraft will, no doubt, continue to influence our next release, and in fact we’ve written a song for our next album based around the Lovecraft tale “The Doom That Came to Sarnath”. We will keep technically progressing and utilizing different elements in a musical journey to enchant the listener.


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