WÜRM’S TONGUE Demo Still Available

Denmark’s Würm’s Tongue, released a 3-song demo, entitled “Fungi From Yuggoth,” in the Fall of 2013.

Taking obvious influence from the writings of H.P.Lovecraft, the music here is a particularly violent brand of Teutonic Thrash metal.

The band had this to share about their decision to base their music on the weird writings of HPL:

Lovecraft is more metal than writing about the devil. And we are are ALL huge huge fans of Lovecraft. We actually talk, and discuss Lovecraftian mythology, all the time. It is so cult!! Some of his writings are so evil, and mindblowing!

The band have plans to use the coming year pushing forward from the release of the demo:

At the moment were trying to work on a full length, and have 2 new members. In mid 2014 we hope to play our first gig, but that isen’t really announced, or confirmed yet. The full length is our first priority, and it will melt your guts and brains!! Nothing much to say, actually…. Only oblivion can save us from madness!

Copies of the cassette can still be obtained from Silver Key Records in Europe, and from Caligari Records in North America.


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