SCEPTER OF ELIGOS – Demo Available

Scepter Of Eligos, out of Denver, CO, have released their demo via their Bandcamp page, making it available to download for Name Your Price.

This four-song release contains two tracks that are either directly based on or somewhat inspired by stories by H.P. Lovecraft. “Prayer For Destruction” is based on “The Call Of Cthulhu,” while “Business End Of The Bong” is loosely based on “The Color Out Of Space.” The music is largely Sludge/Stoner Metal, though “Prayer For Destruction” is decidedly Black Metal.

Said guitarist/vocalist Andrew Sares:

We like Lovecraftian themes because they seem to go hand in hand with occult themes and it won’t seem conflicting in any way. Also it gives me the freedom to write about occult/satanic stuff in a more horror-oriented way and people (hopefully) won’t mistake me for a statnist.

He went on to note:

There’s a bit of a story behind “Business End Of The Bong.” We were getting practice started one day and our guitarist Alex walks in and says, “Look what we started selling at work!” He then takes out a red 5 foot tall bong. We all had a good laugh and somebody (I believe it was our bassist Chris) said the phrase “business end of the bong” during the conversation, and it just kinda stuck. The lyrics to the song were loosely based on Lovecraft’s “The Color Out Of Space,” but I added a couple of lines to imply that you’re just so high that you think [that it is] happening.


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