CRYPTIC EDIFICE – “King’s Lament” Demo

Just discovered this band, Cryptic Edifice. They have a demo out, called “King’s Lament,” which is available as a cassette (25 copies, available from their BigCartel page) or as a digital download for Free/Name Your Price (at their BandCamp page).

The tunes on this release don’t make any overt reference to any of the major pulp writers, but the lyrics tell stories of warring kings, frost giants, and other such staples of the epic works of Howard, Burroghs, and others.

My apologies for the mistake. As Wes Cueto, the band’s vocalist, indicates in his comment below, the track “Ymir’s Board” is actually based on The Frost-Giant’s Daughter by Robert E. Howard.

Wes also maintains a blog called Graveyarns, which is dedicated to pulp literature and heavy music.


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