The Gates of Slumber – Stormcrow Now Available For Free On

Indianapolis-based Doomsters THE GATES OF SLUMBER have partnered with Scion A/V Metal to release the band’s latest EP, “Stormcrow,” and to make it available via download for free.

“Stormcrow” is also available in CD format, and is being distributed by the band FREE with the purchase of any shirt or cap on their merchandise page. It will also be given away free at a show that the band will be performing on January 31 at The Jukebox in Indianapolis.

For those unfamiliar, THE GATES OF SLUMBER play a style of Doom that combines the trudging heaviness of SAINT VITUS with the epic majesty of MANILLA ROAD and CIRITH UNGOL. Their lyrics, song structures, and album artwork all derive significant inspiration from the Conan works of Robert E. Howard. The cover artwork for their 2008 full-length album “Conqueror” is especially evocative of Howard’s Cimmerian imagery, and song titles such as “Ice Worm”, “TO Kill And Be King”, and “Riders Of Doom” make clear the band members’ literary preferences. For fans whose pulp tastes lean toward the more horrific, check out “Descent Into Madness,” their homage to the classic Lovecraft story.


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