BAL-SAGOTH to Reissue 1993 Demo

BAL-SAGOTH, whose unique style of epic Black Metal has been heavily influenced by the fantastic works of Robert E. Howard since the beginning of their career, have announced plans to formally release their 1993 demo.

Band member Lord Byron told Echoes From R’lyeh:

Our original 1993 demo was never officially packaged and released, instead I simply made it available via the old tape trading networks to anyone who sent me a blank tape.
That was partially because the demo was never properly completed. I had a lot of stuff in mind for it, such as sound effects interludes, a symphonic intro, and adding more keyboard parts and spoken vocal passages. Unfortunately, we were funding the recording ourselves and we ran out of time and money in the studio, so I had to abandon the notion of all those extra embellishments.
Ultimately I added an intro to the demo taken from the 1987 film “Masters of the Universe”, and also included some sound effects from the old BBC Radiophonic Workshop “Death and Horror” sound effects album, just to add some atmosphere.
Over the years, I’ve always wanted to give the demo a proper release. So, that will finally be happening soon. It will be a limited edition CD, with an expanded lyric booklet, artwork, some rare alternate mixes, and a few interesting bonus tracks from the vault. The integrity of the original raw and incomplete recordings has been retained, as I figured it was important to maintain them as an unaltered frozen moment in time; a window through which fans can view the band as we were in 1993, undertaking recordings with little experience, rudimentary equipment, and no budget.
Luckily, Cacophonous Records saw the potential in those primal recordings and offered us an album deal, and our debut album “A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria”, recorded in 1994 at Academy Music Studio, is a representation of what those early tracks should and would have sounded like.

To preview a track from this demo, check out the following video on YouTube:


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