TENTACLE – New Material In The Works

Stoner artist TENTACLE is back in the studio.

I first learned of this band via an excellent review of their first album, “Void Abyss,” over at Doommantia.com. Not only one of the best “Lovecraftian” albums of 2012, it was one of the best Metal albums of 2012, period. Very dissonant, yet melodic, with an atonal, wailing vocal style that gave emphasis to the mind-bending nature of Lovecraft’s universe, “Void Abyss” was only made available as a physical copy on 100 CDr’s, but can still be obtained from the band’s Bandcamp Page for Free / Name Your Price.

Of the new material, drummer/vocalist Ron Rochondo had this to say, “Very heavy stuff, slow and long songs. This one will be much more of a nasty sludge kind of sound, less melodic style of singing and more of the loud screaming/yelling. We’ve been doing some weird stuff with the recording too, like putting a vibrating cymbal into a bucket of water and hitting various metal objects with hammers.”

Furthermore, the band seem to be stretching themselves lyrically as well:

“I’ve been reading quite a bit of Lovecraft lately to get in the mood and write some lyrics. I really don’t want to fall into the trap of naming songs word for word after his story titles, or things like that so I’ve been trying to do something a bit more ‘inspired by’ and not ‘based on,’ if you get me. Trying to use words and phrases he might use, or similar subject matter, without just singing about his work.”

No firm release date has yet been set, but Rochondo says to expect it before summer hits.


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